We provide Ala Carte Services for you; 

1. Park Positioning

Free consultation service for you in deciding park positioning based on project purpose, park location (indoor/outdoor), budget allocation, and ideal size of set up location.

2. Product Selection & Payment

Too Much product don’t know how to do selection in term of types , design and quality enforcement , our professional skills will guide you on it. 

3. Delivery & Shipping

We do not only supply amusement equipment, we also dedicate ourselves to deliver our products to your doorstep to ensure that it is received in an immaculate condition within the shortest time.

4. Installation

Being in the industry for over 30 years, we take pride in our depth of knowledge regarding the functionality of the different kinds of amusement equipment which enables us to do the installation for our customers.

5. Maintenance

Apart from the quality of our products, equipment maintenance plays a mega role in ensuring the safety of the riders. Thus, we are capable of providing maintenance services to prolong the service life and also to enhance safety of the equipment so that everyone can have their fair share of fun through the rides.

6. Operation

We are capable of conducting training and supplying manpower with sufficient knowledge on operating game rides as well as general safety precautions. In addition, we provide help in the management of manpower inclusive of task distribution and the planning of duty roster to ensure a smooth operation during events.


We also provide three (3) package services which are:


Larger scale project involves the use of heavy equipment such as the family ride, theme park equipment and water theme park series.


Products include games, machines and indoor playground in which each product can serve as an independent business set up.


Are you intend to upgrade your products? Or, do you want to recycle your product? We are here to help!

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